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Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Small Steps

Scott decided to do some repairs here at the little cottage we are staying in... it all started as he wanted to remove some wall board in the bathroom that had been destroyed by termites. Once he got started he decided to remove the little door that led into the bathroom from this little sitting/ bedroom... which led to us ripping the ancient carpet out and so on. The carpet removal turned out to be pretty difficult as they had used a rubber matting under the carpet and over the many years it had adhered itself to the wooden floors.  I had to use my heat gun and a putty knife to get it all up. You can see in this picture the carpet and some of the stuck on rubber mat to the left. It took two days but we got it all up and out. We took the old carpet to the dump station on Tuesday and the bagged rubber matting when in the trash truck today. There are a few places on the ceiling that have loose popcorn ceiling stuff and Scott wants to repair that while we have the room torn apart. Tomorrow I will get him up at 9:30 so we can work on it some before he has to leave for work. Today he slept in to 11:30... I guess he needed the extra Z's. I will post more about this as we go along. We are supposed to go down and work on our house this weekend so there will be updates on that as well coming. I am so hoping this Summer will be when we can get that house sold so we don't have to keep driving down there every few weeks. Knock on wood!

Since talking with the Nurse on the 2nd I have been paying closer attention to the charts on my meter as well as recording my BG readings on this monthly chart I found online - FREE to print off. I like the fact that it is a monthly chart that I can carry to the DR as they seem averse to using the ability to just plug my meter into a computer or letting me send my readings in via email.  Now I just need to make time for some exercise... ugh! I will get there.

Well I am off to see what I can get into this afternoon. Scott will leave for work shortly and I will need to occupy myself until he returns home.


  1. Simple projects can grow and get more complicated, but they are fantastic when they are finished. Going to look so nice when you are done--with both places. :)

    Nice that you found that chart to carry with you to doctors.

  2. Praying for all the best on your home and health. I hate exercising too. lol


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