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Saturday, January 05, 2019

Finding my Health

I attended some Diabetic Education on January 2nd and came home with more tools to know how to put what I already knew into better practice as well as some additional information that I was lacking. I flat out eat too much and don't always make the best choices... but that is changing. AND I have got to get moving again. My life has become quite sedentary since I do not work outside the home any longer. Finding ways to get moving that I feel safe doing is a struggle for me here in Greenville. I dislike gyms immensely and I do not want to spend any money to join a group activity. After all "the best things in life are free" ... right? So I will walk with Scott on the weekends at the larger trails and will walk a couple times a week at the park trail in Travelers Rest. I will also utilize You Tube and follow some workouts there with Lucy Wyndham-Read. I learned about her from a Vlogger I watch and love her personality and the detailed instructions she gives. So thats my plan... and I've got to stick with it. Would love to surprise the new Dr in March with better blood work and hopefully a few pounds gone off my body as well.

On to my creative side; yesterday in the mail my Quilting Round Robin returned home and I love it! The ladies that worked on it did an amazing job. My plan is to add a few more borders to make it bed sized and then get it made into a quilt. It will be a wonderful quilt to use during the Christmas season.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend... may it be sunny today PLEASE!!! So tired of rain.


  1. As a diabetic I know that I don't always eat right but I am improving, I like the look of the quilt

  2. Thanks for stopping in... eating right is a real struggle but I am doing better.

  3. I think most of us couls do with a bit more exercise in our lives. I know I need it. I love to walk and I also use Youtube videos for my yoga and pilates workouts. No gyms for me.

  4. Ah, yes, Becky--that hard part is always sticking with what you know you should be doing all along. Gah, eating right is totally something easier said than done! Having a plan--and written out--is often very helpful to people as they make new changes. I know it worked on a couple small things I was trying to add to my wellness routine (like flossing). I hope it goes well--one day at a time! You got this.

    Also, I was floored when I did actual calorie counting for a workplace wellness program last year. I just eat too much, plain and simple. It isn't all junk by any stretch, but it is too much period. I was genuinely surprised.

    And I say this not to try to convince you at all--everyone is totally different--but I was shocked to learn that I actually DO like the gym. I said I wasn't a gym person for, well, my whole life, and...turns out I was wrong! Ha!
    Sold myself short there. I get a free membership at the college where I work though and doubt I'd pay to go to one. There are so many free ways to move, like you say!

    1. My issue with gyms is I close them down if I join... I kid you not 6 months after I joined every gym has closed. So I will do what I can on my own. ;)

    2. Ha! Well, that's an interesting phenomenon! :)


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