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Tuesday, December 25, 2018


My Mom crocheted this angel for me years ago
Merry Christmas to one and all. I sincerely hope everyone that reads this is having a wonderful day with family and friends. This is Scott and my 35th Christmas together... the time has just flown by! I now truly know what my Grandma meant when she said, "Time flies" and "Don't wish your life away".

Scott tried his hand at baking a spice cake... it took two tries but he was finally successful. We determined that he missed the vanilla in the cake and perhaps it was baked a little long but it was still quite tasty.  When we get back up to the cottage I will post the recipe over on our food blog... link is in the right column.

Greg had to work last night so we are letting him sleep until nearly dinner time (1PM) at Scott's Moms'. I am hoping he wakes in time to open his gifts before dinner but if not we will do it after we finish over there. Scott and I want to get back up to the cottage later today as we forgot to turn the heat down yesterday and don't want to go through our fuel oil when we are not there. If Scott is up to it we will come back down to do some work on the house over the weekend. Just trying to  keep him from doing too much until he can get that Stress test they told him to get before he was released from the hospital this past Thursday. Yes we made a trip to the ER because he was having a heaviness across his chest and sweating profusely. His blood work, EKG and chest x-ray all looked fine but we want to be sure everything is ok.

Saturday we took a walk along the Doodle Trail in Easley, SC and managed a full 4 miles. It was chilly when we were in the shade but not cold enough to keep us from walking. This is not the greatest picture in the world but we were all smiles so I am adding it here.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Scott and I

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