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Tuesday, December 04, 2018


So the Christmas Season has arrived. The only decorating that I have done is down at the house as there is just no room for any decorations here at the cottage. I am so hoping this will be the year we finally get out of one house and into another permanently so I will have space to decorate and access to all of my belongings. Until then we will try to do more "Christmassy things". This weekend is the Travelers Rest Christmas parade and I am hoping to talk Scott into going to watch. So be watching for some talk of that this weekend.

I completed my round on two Round Robins that I have been working on through my quilting group on Facebook... Our Quilters Family Home and have mailed them off to Barb in Canada. Here they are:
Karen's before I added anything

Karen's after... Barb will add her round and then mail it home to Karen.

Barb's... sent on home to her.
Both were so much fun to work on and I hope that both ladies will love them. I do so enjoy participating in Round Robins like this. 

Coal kitty has settled right into the family and he and Piper get along so much better than  they did when he first went to live with her and Greg. He has grown into such a beautiful fluff ball.



  1. Oh that elephant-batik quilt is a stunner! I love it! What a fun group project.

  2. Thanks so much. I do so enjoy working on these Round Robin quilts


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