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Tuesday, January 02, 2018


HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! I hope everyone is having a fabulous start to this very new year!!!
Tippy LOVES to be tucked in and covered up...  he definitely thinks he is a "baby".
Scott had gone down to our house last Thursday to do some repairs and I stayed up here to make sure our cats could come in as it has turned horribly cold. It is currently 18*F here at 9:30 AM and Tippy is in our bed with Scott and Callie is on the couch on her pillow throne. Scott went back to bed as the cats got him up at 5 AM and he stayed up until a few minutes ago. Now I am listening to You Tube videos with ear phones on and writing here on my blog  to be quiet while they all sleep.
Callie has her own throne on the couch...
 pillows stacked up with a thermal blanket laid over the top.
Scott came back up here on the 31rst as it was just getting too cold for the projects he wanted to do down at the house and I was SO happy as I was not looking forward to the cold nights that were headed this way according to  the Weatherman.

Saturday I went to my brothers' house for his twins 2nd birthday. They are growing up so fast.
Aiden's sweet little feat crossed under his chair

Anastasia and Aiden

Aiden and Anastasia with their big sister, Kayla...
 jello is hilarious you know?
While Scott was away I began going through my craft supplies reorganizing, labeling and putting things together to donate to  make my supplies easier to access and use. I still have some things to go through but it is getting better.
I have cleared the table  and reorganized this mess since this photo was taken.
I reworked inside the large closet and the old table top record album stands are really coming in handy for my card stock. I moved four of my cubes to inside the closet for the papers and such that I don't need ready at hand. I am hoping that the units by the table will be only for embellishing projects. And for my supplies like glue, tape, tools and misc other stuff to create with while I am sitting at the table.
Yesterday Scott and I bundled up and walked 3 laps at the park in Travelers Rest ; 3/4 of a mile. Today is just too cold so we are hibernating in doors. Scott is "purring" in the bed as I type this. I may join him.


  1. So cold everywhere. A purring nap sounds good. ;)

  2. Even though I am not experiencing this cold cold weather hibernation sounds pretty good right about now.

  3. Late to the party, as is my style, but: Happy New Year to you and Scott and the kitties! I hope you find it a year filled with goodness. Good luck taming the craft supply beast! It seems a never ending job. Of course, I am always picking up new crafts! :) This year I am working on crocheting and--if all goes according to plan--knitting my first pair of socks.

    We had a break of spring-like weather, but now have nothing but cold and snow in the forecast. Our cats refuse to go outside. Ginger wants to, but when I open the door her disappointment is palpable. "Beth! Fix it. The outside is broken again!"


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