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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Let's Wrap up Christmas 2017

Scott and I enjoyed a quiet Christmas Eve and day together... no driving... no crowd.... no stress... no anxiety. We just piddled around this little cottage and ate non-traditional foods... Shrimp and grits with asparagus on the side for one meal and another meal was a spinach and brussel sprout salad, corn on the cob and meatloaf. Christmas we stayed in our PJ's nearly all day and leisurely exchanged gifts between the two of us. He gave me some wonderful books and crafting supplies. He also bought us a new printer so I can print of photos and art work and it won't cost us a fortune in ink!

I was lucky and had a wish list of items he wanted from Harbor Freight.
Some additional gifts from Greg - a 10 pack of board canvases and a gardening book.
Greg is also glad I have a wish list on Amazon.
My brother, Charles, wife Alina and their twins - Aiden and Anastasia
On the 23rd we went over to my folks' for Christmas with them and some of my siblings and their families...
Madeline - not feeling well with a double ear infection... poor thing.
Aiden - one of the twins - soon to be 2 years old.
Anastasia and Aiden enjoying their chocolate from us.

My fellas - Scott and Greg ("Perhaps not the best shirt to wear to Grandma's for Christmas son")

Phoenix - counting his loot with his new bank

Abby talking with my sister, Ronda about the new banks.
Greg... a bit overwhelmed by so many kids.

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