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Monday, October 30, 2017

Lets catch up!

So here it is the day before "All Hallow's Eve" /HALLOWEEN and October will be gone. Months just fly by anymore and soon it will be Christmas and a New Year will begin. Last night we had our first frost and Scott's silver car was all glistening like it was covered in diamonds this morning.  

Scott broke down and put the heat on mid-week last week as I was so sick and he didn't want me to get chilled. Thankfully the crud is leaving and I am nearly 100% again. Still a little congestion but nothing like a few days ago. I was living on Tylenol severe sinus during the day and Robitussin CF at night just so I could breath. I still have a slight barky cough too but it is productive so my lungs are clearing... thank goodness.

Tippy loves to walk into any photo opt he can find these days and goes all cute and adorable. Callie is nearly as bad.

Art Journalling prompt cards for a You Tube challenge. I love how these turned out. I laminated them for her too so they won't get messed up while she is "arting".

A delightful bit of Happy Mail from a fellow You Tube Artist.

 Scott and I decided to get our power line drop clear and created this huge brush pile that is STILL there. I guess the city isn't going to pick it up  for us. I will start loading it up into the truck when I am feeling a bit better and will drive it to the landfill myself. We still have a little work left to do but need the pole saw from the house to get it done. Next weekend we will take the truck down so that we can get the saw; it is just too greasy to haul in the car.
 Another Round Robin has arrived for me to add a border and mail it on to the next person. Saturday I was feeling well enough that I wanted OUT of the cottage so Scott and I went up to Hendersonville, NC so that I could go to Foam and Fabric. It's actually in Fletcher, NC and I just adore going in there.

 October 21rst was my Mother-in-laws 90th Birthday and there was a bash for her at her church. Scott was ill with the crud so he was miserable that day but pressed on and we were able to attend. Of course the next day is when I started getting ill and he was nearly over it by Monday. The men that caught that crud were ill for just about 36 hours but any women that have caught it have been ill for a week.

 I was put in charge of cutting the cake and everyone seemed to enjoy it. I had a small piece and it was very good.
Birthday Girl in black.

 While we were still dressed up I got Greg to take a few pictures of us together in front of the cedar tree I planted some years ago as a 1 foot sappling.

 Greg's stray "Buddy" came to be part of the photos. He is quite the handsome cat and quite vocal.

 I have taken to making "Loaded Oatmeal" some mornings and we really love it. I cook up some apples with a bit of butter and cinnamon (NO SUGAR) ahead of time and then I cook the oatmeal in Almond milk instead of water.  Once the oatmeal is cooked I put it into our bowls and top it with the cooked apples, either raisins or crazins and a bit of flax seed.

On our Saturday (Oct. 28th) adventure we saw this boarded up house and thought the window combination and roof detail were quite interesting. And one of  the road side antique markets had a couple very interesting old buildings next to it that I could not resist photographing.

 A bit of treasure came home with us... a thrifted toothbrush holder and a couple cigar boxes I can alter. And from one of the Antique shops I found the jar of thread on wooden spools and the interesting buttons.

We also had lunch at a favorite Restaurant - Iannucci's and as always it was DELICIOUS!

 My sweet boys laying next to me on the couch trying their best to make me feel better.
 And Callie just looking beautiful as always.
 Scott was showing off a couple of his refurbs for the camera. The table say was bought for $80 and he has completely restored and refinished it and has added a mobile base out of reclaimed lumber.
 And he cleaned up this old grinder and reworked the hand made base that he believes his Grandfather had originally created years ago. He gave it a nice coat of paint so it looks like it was manufactured professionally. Of course his Grandfather WAS a Professional... mechanic/ handyman. I am pretty sure that is where Scott got his talents.


  1. Glad you were able to make the 90th birthday party and that you are both feeling better. Busy times! The cats look happy to be inside where it is warm, too. ;)

  2. Wow! What full days you look to have been having, on top of not feeling the best, too! You look lovely in the photos. Your cats make me swoon. What cuties. I need to start eating oatmeal more. It is so healthy and cheap. I just never think of it!


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