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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sunday - Early

I thought I'd share some of the still shots that I took on our walk last week.
I'm not sure what this yellow flower is called but it is such a "HAPPY" flower - makes me smile.
Trumpet Vine - beautiful by invasive.
New Apartments going in near one of the walkways - HATES IT!  We will loose SO much Nature spotting as the animals will move on for the most part. Growth is good for the City not so much for us Nature Nuts.
 A little Raccoon's foot prints along t he dirt road in the above picture. I'm pretty sure he "shops" in the settling pond.
 The settling pond was teaming with  life - frogs and birds were very vocal along here. A few weeks back we spotted a Blue Heroin in this pond.
"We'll be BACK"  In June-July.... Blackberries EVERYWHERE!!! I'm seeing many batches of blackberry jam in my future.
LOVE this expansion bridge along this walkway!
More trumpet vine
 We were intrigued by the "Ball" at the base of this fern.
Loved this pine cone/bloom  shot! Next I am just including a couple pictures from this morning. Tesla was on the kitchen table and was wanting me to give him attention. He is locating himself in our regular paths throughout the house so that he can get more attention these days. He doesn't care to be held as I think it hurts him but he loves for us to pet him or sit next to him as much as  the three of us possibly can. He is 15 years old now and is given a LOT of privileges that as a  younger cat he would have been fussed at for doing.
 And the last photo is a funny share... can you tell Greg is doing tie dye again? YEP... he switched out a regular load of clothes over to the dryer so that he could run a tie dye load and he missed two of his Dad's socks. OOPS!

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  1. Nature has a way of always providing something unusual to see and ponder. I wonder what that ball is, too. The socks make me laugh--as a fellow tie-dye artist! Hazards of the trade/hobby! Glad you got to get out and see all these great sights. We were in Yellowstone over the weekend and saw lots of tracks in the mud--including bears tracks! Never seen them before! I'm more used to raccoon and things.


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