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Saturday, September 12, 2020

The Storage Unit

 This past week I made 2 trips to our house with loads of stuff out of the storage unit. I am trying to get it emptied before the 18th as I will have to pay for another month if I don't get it cleared out. I have a full week of appointments ahead so I am not sure I will meet my goal but I am going to try. I have been purging a lot of stuff out of the storage unit  so there will not be nearly as much to move back down to the house. I will most likely purge something I will look for later but I want to lighten our STUFF. 

Trying to save as much money as I can. Cutting bills we don't NEED; all those things that are little extras like Netflix. I will keep the Internet as it is my Socialisation and I consider that a NEED ; especially now with social distancing due to Covid19. I am not big at being out in Society anyway but feel I would get really depressed without the contacts I have made through the Internet. I love the Arts Community on You Tube and am getting back into sewing and have begun watching and subscribing to a lot of sewing channels. 

It's going to be weird living back down in Cayce but we will adjust and who knows where we will end up. I've decided to just focus on one day at a time and not worry about the future. Just focus on the joy and happiness in each day= no stress. Stress and worry will drive you mad... at least that's what I believe.

Scott is talking about doing something completely different for the next 6 years; til he can retire. He may teach electronics; be a handyman; do wood work, etc... I want to remain a homemaker if we can make it without me working outside the home. We will see... I do make a little money doing You Tube videos but it is nowhere near a living wage. I need to do a LOT more work at home to make that successful... you know WORK. LOL 

First I have to get us settled back in down there and then we will see. We will be just fine until March as Scott's severance pkg lasts until then.  


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  1. Goodness! Things change so much so quickly. But with all the work you've done on the house and yard down there it will feel like a new home almost. Best of luck with your purging! :)


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