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Saturday, November 03, 2018

Fall Back Weekend

Here it is time to "fall back" once again and the "Holiday Season" has started in the stores. I am thankful I am experiencing the retail hell from this side of the doorway and not in a store. It makes the Holidays so much more enjoyable for me. I have time to create handmade gifts and my goal is to make gifts using only from my stash and/or thrifting. I am almost certain I can come up with some really nice gifts by Christmas. Our gift giving will be focused on the children under 18, our parents and our son, Greg. The families have just gotten too large to gift everyone and everyone feels the same way.

Scott and I are continuing to make the trip down here to the house to work on it and get it ready to sell. We are so hoping this Spring we will be able to get it on the market so we can move on with our life in the Greenville area. So many projects to do and with only getting down here twice a month things are going slowly. We can only do what we can do and hope things come together by March. 

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  1. I hope you get the house all ready to be on the market by spring. I know how much work this has been and it will be so nice when that house is sold.

    The rest of my family started drawing names years ago because there were just too many of them. I moved away in 1999 and my only family up here in Fargo (vs the rest in Minneapolis) is my son's so I usually only buy for my two little grandsons. This year I actually got a little something for my son and DIL, too. They'll be shocked--LOL! So many families I know draw names now...except sometimes for kids under ten. Depends on how many are in the family. If I won the lottery I'd buy for everybody! But I'd have to play to win--ROFL! :)


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