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Monday, February 26, 2018

January Wrap Up

"INCHIES" = 1 inch Art Tiles all wrapped
and ready to swap with other You Tube Artsy Folk.

Mixed Media Valentine Postcards
to brighten some mailboxes.

My Kitty Cat Round Robin came back home and I LOVE it.
I am thinking about adding another border or
two and turning this into a wall quilt.

Dishes Before...

And After one morning in January... no dish washer 

The GIANT January full moon!

The start of a year long project - A paper bag journal

January page
February page


  1. All beautiful projects, Becky! Those inchies really caught my eye! I've never made them before. Gorgeous quilt!

  2. You must have such a good time making all these beauties!! Tell me more about your paperbag journals, if you don't mind.

  3. Beth... it's a year long project I am doing to retain special moments and projects. Basic construction for the pages can be found here -


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