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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Rough Month

It has been quite a rough month this month. The day after my Mother-in-Laws 90th birthday party (October 22) I started to get ill and it was really bad for about a week and a half then it seemed to clear up and then over this past weekend I developed a  headache that simply would not let up. So Monday I went to the Nurse Practioner and she put me on an antibiotic and I am now feeling so much better. This bug has really been awful and I am so hoping that it is the only illness I have this winter.

I have made a few things this month to "feed"  my creative side.
ATC's - Artist Trading Cards that I gave away during a live session on You Tube last week.

Some cards utilizing some of the leftover 1 inch tiles from the larger piece of mixed media work that I cut up. The above ATC's were also from that same sheet of mixed media work.

These cards were the larger parts of the original mixed media sheet. 
 Then I needed to create a couple things for a challenge I entered on You Tube with Chelle Ratcliffe at Little Acres Creations. So I made a box from scratch ( built the box and lid myself out of chip board) and then I decorated it with some papers. I also created an ATC and a card for her . I forgot to photograph the card and the ATC.

Friday Scott had a Colonoscopy and thankfully it was clear, no polyps or inflammation so now he is clear for 10 years... YEAH! 


  1. Glad you went in to the doctor and are finally feeling better. You certainly kept yourself busy. Pretty creations. :)

  2. This too shall pass. Glad you are feeling better.


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